Motherhood has specific demands and each phase of being a mom has its own health challenges. As a team of health experts, we offer customized health support built specifically for your needs.


Not pregnant yet! For those struggling with infertility, miscarriages or preparing their body before pregnancy and more…


Congrats! You are pregnant! Let’s keep you & baby healthy and prepare for a rockin’ birth…


Got milk? Got sleep? Got time for anything anymore?! Time manage yourself & your newborn’s health efficiently…


Kids on the go, soccer practice & packing lunches! Thyroid, hormones & pre-menopause frequent your “search engines”…

To contact us, please seek Dr. Emily who is practicing at Thrive for Life in Ballwin and Frontenac. Visit

You can email Dr. Emily at

Purely Motherhood is currently re-structuring! please stay tuned….

who we are

St. Louis’s first team of health care experts for moms; providing natural whole body support for women in all phases of motherhood, from pregnancy to menopause. We are all moms, passionate about helping mothers excel in their quest for better health.

what we do

Provide mothers with a unique and natural approach to improving their health. We create a customized health menu for women and her family’s health, specializing in nutrition, food preparation, structural balancing, functional medicine, personal training, birth education and support specifically for a mother or mom-to-be. We offer individualized health support and education built specifically for her preferences.

our mission

Our mission is to help nurture each woman into a healthy, happy, well-supported and educated mother who is able to lead her family by example, and institute healthy living choices that will benefit her children and future generations.

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