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GUEST BLOG: By Morgan Paris, Certified Personal Trainer

Wake up, take a shower, think about your body, tug at the extra skin around your waist, get dressed, turn to the mirror to stare at your back side, think about dropping a jean size, feel hungry, think about breakfast, think about skipping breakfast, eat like you won’t be getting lunch, think about your body and how it should be different. Repeat. All while taking care of everyone else in your household.

Sound familiar? How many times a day do we think about our bodies and how we want them to be different? We want to lose weight, drop a jean size or two, and feel sexy in our skimps, right? We think, “once I am thin and lean, I will be able to feel confident/find a new job/have more fun/ fill in the blank “. We have devised hundreds of stories to convince ourselves that our bodies need to change in order for us to have what we want.

Consider this: It’s not about the weight.


It really isn’t. It’s about falling in love with ourselves just as we are. As Geneen Roth says in her book, Women Food and God, “Fixing ourselves is not the same as being ourselves”. By constantly feeling the need to fix ourselves, we are avoiding what could actually end our suffering: getting back in touch with deepest part of our being – our true essence! The weight is just a distraction. It distracts us from accepting that there is something going on, and that it’s a lot deeper than our adipose tissue. Think of the times you have felt bored, lonely, or empty. Did you turn to food for relief? We turn to food when we are hungry for something we cannot name. Once we are able to be with our suffering and look at our deeper needs, whether it is for connection, fulfillment, comfort, peace, etc., we can start to learn how to give ourselves what we actually need when we feel ‘hungry’. As a result, we stop eating when we are bored, sad, scared and hurt – and our weight pervades our thoughts less and less.


But, it’s not NOT about the weight, either.

When your physical body hinders your ability to enjoy the fullness of life, instead of being the magnificent vehicle through which you experience it, it’s time to address the issue of your health. When you are too tired, out of breath, or in pain, how can you be fully present to the beauty of your existence? Life becomes centered around your limitations, what you can and cannot do. That’s not really living. When you don’t address your health, you start missing out on the joys of being a mother and being with your friends and family because you have no energy left for them.

Getting adequate exercise (that YOU enjoy), eating clean, getting enough sleep and reducing stress in your life are crucial for your health. For the next four weeks, I’ll be touching on each of these topics to give you the tools you need to start making changes in your life so that you can be Healthy, Happy and 100% YOU.


It’s time to clear away the distractions, and experience all of the joy, love, pain and suffering that is life. Let’s lay down the bat we use to beat ourselves up and learn more about who we really are so that this life is not just something that we ‘get through’ – it becomes the whole reason for living.

Big Love to You,


Learn more about in-home personal training at www.morganparisfitness.com


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