Our services include moms from pregnancy (pickle cravings) to post menopause
(prunes for regularity). There is a REASON behind the food we crave.

paLEO 2013. Inspired by the birth of my son LEO.

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By Emily Hecker, CNC, DC


My journey has begun…again.

I started eating paleo January 2012 and fell in love with it. I felt great, I lost baby weight from my first son and I unexpectedly got pregnant again! Whoops! I worked with Autoimmune patients at my office EVERYDAY and I encountered people (women and mothers especially) who were struggling with items that you and I take for granted because their autoimmune condition was overtaking their life. My reason for choosing the Paleo Lifestyle was reinforced everyday just by talking to my patients.  I knew it was the right way to eat,  and even more so knowing autoimmunity runs in my family.

After I got pregnant with baby #2, I continued to eat paleo and I hardly gained ANY baby weight until the end. I had a DELIGHTFUL unmedicated homebirth December 2012 and then all hell broke lose.

I was breastfeeding and craved sugar like it was going out of style. My 18month old was extremely needy and wanted me to hold him every minute he was awake. My husband was traveling for weeks at a time. For the first 5 months of my new baby’s life, he needed to nurse (or so I thought) every two hours of the night. I was not sleeping at all. I did not go back to work and became a FULL TIME stay at home mom. Everytime a child cried, (which was a lot) I ATE. It turned into a stress management tool. I became an addict and was NOT living a lifestyle that I was endorsing. Doughnut runs became weekly adventures on Wednesday mornings as I embraced a new found love of garage sailing to add to my infatuation with all things Montessori.

Something had to change. I noticed when I drank red wine now, I went to bed with stiff fingers and woke up with headaches. The sulfates. When I ate a large amount of gluten now, the back of my head itched and my fingers became stiff.  I am having more loose BMs in the morning. My moods are fluctuating more than ever! I am gaining a TON of weight.


I am turning into one of my own patients!!! I am a gluten-loving sugar-addicted mom with no sleep, two screaming kids who has no time for herself and her health.

So here I am. New paleo cookbooks adorning my counter, expensive coconut products decorating my kitchen. I am ready to start my new paLEO journey…again.  Inspired by the birth of my son LEO and the many women I meet who are struggling with autoimmune issues. Here we go.


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