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Kids on the go, soccer practice & packing lunches! Thyroid, hormones & pre-menopause frequent your “search engines”

purely you health package

Purely Health packages for the woman who wants to optimize their health at this phase of motherhood. Recommended services for optimal health*. This package includes:

  • Functional Medicine: Diagnostic Lab Testing customized per individual
  • Fitness Session: One on one Fitness Assessment and Program Design  focused on weight management, strength & balance and core conditioning.
  • Allergen-free Meals Delivery. Feed Your Vitality: freshly prepared, conveniently delivered, Chef-made meals.
  • Nutrition Consult: Make sure you are eating the best to modulate your hormone levels. Consult will focus on eliminating toxic foods, meal planning, shopping tips and family planning. Lunch ideas for the kiddos and college survival are areas of focus.
  • Chiropractic: Muscle alignment, nervous system function and balance

“help me” support package

Designed for those who have a chronic health condition, autoimmune diseases, or who can not find answers in modern traditional medical model. Recommended services for optimal health*

  • Functional Medicine: Customized diagnostic testing and related physical exams such as Blood work, DNA Stool test, Neurotransmitter test, Hormone panels, Immune panel & Cytokine test, thyroid physical, etc.
  • Fitness Session: Are you healthy enough to start or continue with an exercise program? As you heal, you will have more energy to support a gradual increase of fitness as long as deemed healthy. You will be hand-held to incorporate activities that would be best customized for your life.
  • Allergen-free Meals Delivery: Freshly prepared, conveniently delivered, Chef-made meals.
  • Nutrition Consult: Coping with any type of chronic health condition can be tricky! What foods are you eating or not eating that are crucial to your future baby’s survival? Let me help you create a menu that is ideal for your situation.
  • Chiropractic: With chronic inflammation, structural adhesions develop and internal organs lose their motility. Balance your body with specialized techniques that won’t stimulate your nervous system too much.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical treatment. It consists solely of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to support a healthier body.

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