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Emily Hecker DC, MBA, BS, CNC,

Functional Medicine Specialist, Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Founder of Purely Motherhood. St. Louis, MO.

fun facts!

“I am an ex-storm chaser on the ground and in the sky!

I received my BS in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma where I worked with the government to rebuild storm chasing vehicles (like from the movie, Twister!) and assisted weather research projects, dropping devices out of learjets into storms. My fellow colleagues have their own Discovery channel TV shows on Storm chasing, but that doesn’t compare to helping a woman achieve her ultimate health goals. I thrive on adventure, and love challenges.”

“My ultimate cheat food is a chocolate long john.

(Specifically from Donut Palace on Clarkson road, in Ellisville, MO) Don’t do it. You’ll regret you ever fell in love with a donut. Until a paleo recipe for this one is perfected, an occasional indulgence makes me human.”

“I traded in my motorcycle for a minivan…

and I love every minute of it. Hot rod babe to hot mama in a mini. ”

copyright @2012 Purely Motherhood

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