“Can I get an Amen? From the time I met Dr. Emily, I knew she would be able to give me valuable insight on my disease. She shared with me that she is an expert in thyroid health and nutrition. Immediately, my ears perked up. You see, at the age of 20, I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease (hyperthyroidism). I was twenty pounds under weight, my heart was racing, I couldn’t sleep, and my appetite had disappeared.


Immune system attacking thyroid tissue.

The doctors told me I’d have to remove my thyroid and take synthetic hormones my whole life. I quickly decided they would not be removing an organ at such a young age, and I decided on taking anti-thyroid meds. Over the years, and two pregnancies, I had switched endocrinologists several times, been on and off medications, supplements, treatments, and remedies of many natures. My weight fluctuated, fatigue, panic attacks, and depression were my constant companions, my skin was acne ridden, and my periods were horrendous. Worst of all, my doctors couldn’t help me. Some thought I was crazy, others just wouldn’t listen, and still others had no idea how to CURE me from the inside out. My thyroid numbers were perplexing.
Dr. Emily came into my life at the right moment. I was done with research leading me in circles. Dr. Emily already knew what was “wrong” with me and had answers I was longing to hear. She built trust with me and gave me insight and research that made sense. I had grown weary of advocating for myself against those who wouldn’t listen. I was tired of doctors telling me that I was either “just fine”, or making promises that they couldn’t follow through with. Dr. Emily sat with my husband and me, and LISTENED. She evaluated all of my body’s symptoms and took the appropriate blood work to help her understand exactly how she needed to proceed. She also helped me understand the full scope at which my body was crying for help. I was suffering from a laundry list of ailments that had gone unnoticed by several doctors, and we had the blood work to prove it! Above all, my “Grave’s disease” diagnosis was false, as I had suspected for years. I now see and understand that I have an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s) that effects my thyroid function, and explains why I wasn’t your typical Grave’s disease patient.
Within 2 months of following Dr. Emily’s guidelines and tests, I saw and felt drastic changes. I dropped 15 lbs. without doing anything other than altering my foods and taking specific supplements necessary for my body to FUNCTION. I was getting sleep at night! My moods lightened immediately.

I am now 8 months into my treatment; regaining my health through Dr. Emily’s care. I now wake rested and restored, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, every morning. I have energy throughout the day. I continue to feel tired in the evening, instead of struggling for sleep. My depression and anxiety have disappeared. My bladder issues subsided. My fatigue and brain cloud are gone. Adult acne, which has plagued my skin since I was 12 years old, is now finally gone at the age of 34. I feel and look great for the first time in more than a decade. My periods are normal and pain free. I understand the impact food and environment have on my mind and body, and am dedicated to never returning to that awful place I was in when I entered Wellness Alternatives all those months ago. I am at peace with my health journey, at last!


 My kids and my husband have seen unexpected health improvements as well, just by following my lifestyle changes that I learned from Dr. Emily. My whole family is healthy and balanced!”


After running an extended thyroid panel on Theresa, her Thyroid Perioxidase (TPO)Antibodies came back elevated. This is aclassing sign that her immune system is launching an attack on her thyroid tissue.  In the eight months of seeing Theresa, her cholesterol went from being consistently below normal levels (a bad thing) to elevating up into normal clinical range. This was an indication that stress had been relieved on her body and she was now able to manufacture hormones, her cell walls were more stable and her brain was getting the nutrients it needed.


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