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Meet Brittany

Pregnancy Care & Toddler with

Food Allergies, Age 28

“My first pregnancy was really rough. I was sick for over half the pregnancy and had to take antinausea medication, my back hurt so badly that I couldn’t sleep without ice packs on each side, and I gained A LOT of weight. Then when my daughter was a new born she screamed constantly and wouldn’t sleep, worse than any other baby I’ve ever met. At two months she was so sleep deprived that she was having night terrors.

After introducing solid foods, I started to figure out she had wide spread food allergies. Her sleeping and disposition improved a great deal after I took dairy, eggs, several other foods out of both of our diets. Gradually I figured out I had food allergies too. I started seeing a doctor who took several dozen foods out of my diet and put me on the 4-day rotational diet. It was really, really hard because I never felt full- there just weren’t enough foods for each day! Also I continued to develop new food allergies and have severe reactions similar to food poisoning. My daughter began to vomit and never had solid stools, plus was always covered in hives or some kind of rash. So we took more and more out of our diet. She continued to gain weight and develop normally, but I was losing 5-10 pounds a month and was starting to hit the underweight mark.

I saw several doctors and none thought I had any major issues since my blood work was normal.

We honestly didn’t know what to do!


Nutrition & Functional Medicine.

A couple days before my daughters first birthday we found out I was pregnant again. And I was scared! How was I going to grow a healthy baby when I couldn’t keep weight on and my daughter depended on my breast milk? I heard about Wellness Alternatives through several of my mom’s patients two months later, and when I found out they had a nutritionist I made an appointment that day. Best thing I ever did! I have seen Dr. Emily for chiropractic work, nutritional consultations, and functional medicine, and this pregnancy has been the exact opposite of my first pregnancy. I haven’t been nauseous at all (unless I make a bad food choice), my back has barely bothered me even though I am also carrying around a 26-pound toddler, and I have gained a healthy amount of weight. I still have food reactions, but the severe reactions have stopped completely. Most of the pregnancy I really didn’t even remember I was pregnant. I was able to do everything I normally did plus more because I finally felt good- for the first time in years!

At first I met with Dr. Emily quite regularly, especially for nutrition help. I had stopped the rotational diet in order to get enough calories, but as my daughter and I developed more and more new food allergies it was obvious I needed to put us back on a more rigid diet. In the past three months we haven’t developed one new food sensitivity/allergy and with the supplements we are both healing our digestive system. In fact I have been able to work a couple of old foods I thought I would never eat again into our diets occasionally. And I have energy again!!! I hadn’t slept through the night in years unless I was taking a substantial amount of drugs for asthma, acid reflux, and nasal allergies, mainly for symptoms that would keep me up all night long. Now I am able to control all my symptoms through diet and supplements and no longer have to take any medication.

The best part of everything though is that my daughter seems to be healing as well. For the first time in her life she hasn’t had a loose stool or gotten hives in two weeks. Her behavior also has improved a great deal, though if she gets a hold of something that doesn’t agree with her we still have really bad days. It is really hard since she can’t tell me what is wrong and I don’t know how much of her behavior, food refusal, and night wakings to attribute to being a toddler, but we are seeing steady progress with the treatment Dr. Emily has recommended.

Currently, I am not able to eat out and have to bring my own meals and snacks everywhere, but for the first time in years I feel like there is hope that I am going to heal and lead a more normal life again. Before I didn’t have the energy to tackle fairly basic tasks, and now I am not worried about handling things. And we are so excited to have a newborn that hopefully won’t have the severe food issues my daughter did!”


SOT Chiropractic.

“Chiropractic treatment has also helped a great deal. I always feel really good after being adjusted and find that my sinuses stay clearer if I get regular treatment. Dr. Emily had been wonderful at teaching me how foods affect my body and the science behind her advice. I have backslid when things got busy and Dr. Emily worked with me to rebuild a plan to get back on track.

Baby Barrett arrived Saturday morning at 8 lbs 8 oz, 19.75 inches at home. My hips didn’t hurt at all during labor like my first birth when I did not receive chiropractic care. We brought him in for a newborn cranial adjustment after birth because his latch was hurting while nursing. The adjustment made such a difference, I called the office to thank them. After bringing him in due to some constipation issues, he had two full diapers before bedtime and slept like a champ. Amazing! Thank you!”

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