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Joy Holdmeier, CPT

Certified Personal Trainer,
Instructor and Owner of Go Fit Mom! St. Louis, MO

fun facts!

“I am a marathon runner, and have run one pregnant with my first daughter!

I have run three full marathons (26.2 miles) and about a dozen half marathons. I have trained many women to run their first half-marathons and it is super rewarding! Running is my detox for the mind and my time alone to myself. Who doesn’t need that?”

“I have a mild obsession with photography and photographing my children.

I also hand make and embroider baby gifts. I am very crafty! If I see something I like, the first thing I think is… hey, could I make that?”

“I love all kinds of wine, nachos at the baseball game, and my mom’s gooey butter cake!

Just because I’m a trainer doesn’t mean I eat like one 100% of the time! I have learned how to eat for health and still enjoy the things I love now and then. Sometimes it’s why I work out! I plan my weeks ahead of time so I know what challenges lie ahead.”

Joy is a Pre & Post-Natal Certified Personal Trainer, elementary school PE teacher, wife and mother of three.

She has always specialized in working with women and weight loss and knew before having children that moms were her target market.

In fact, she started her StrollerFit workout business with a doll in her stroller!

Joy has been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years, with an impressive resume to match. She has been employed as Fitness Director for a state-of-the-art Health Club, Athletic Director of a Private Country Club, Franchise Owner of a mom and baby Fitness business, Program Manager for a wellness based non-profit organization, just to top the list. She holds a BA in Physical Education and Sports Management and is an avid marathon runner and coach, group fitness instructor of aqua, yoga, TRX, bootcamp and more.

As an elementary school teacher, working first hand with children became apparent that healthy families originate with healthy moms. Mothers are usually the #1 person in their child’s life. Who is a better role model for the children? If you are not a healthy mother, what does that say to your children? She understands the chaotic schedule of being a mom, taking care of everyone and everything seeming overwhelming. She is here to help! She inspires, motivates and educates mothers. Her motto is “If you love your children, take care of their mother!”

As a personal trainer and owner of Go Fit Mom! Joy provides in-home personal training to women and mothers, eliminating one of the biggest challenges of getting to the gym. She also specializes in Fit Camps for women, a group class. She finds that mothers usually thrive in groups. Fit Camps make workouts social, fun, and motivating. To have a great support group who all share in the challenges of motherhood is key.


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