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Ashley Nanney

Professional and Boutique Chef, Owner of Feed Your Vitality. St. Louis, MO

fun facts!

“I had the honor of hand-raising two monkeys and a wallaby!

As the past director of Cub Creek Science (and animal) camp, I fully believe it is easier to raise children than monkeys!”

“I very well may be the only human

on earth that looks forward to reading cookbooks and nutritional journals on vacation.”

“I love to kayak!

I am known for whipping up delicious meals on a fly stove on the banks. I even have a small spice rack that I carry along that contains over 20 different spices. Yes folks, it is THAT bad.”

Ashley started Feed Your Vitality, LLC with one goal in mind, to make it as easy as possible for people to lose weight, reduce inflammation and increase their vitality. Her entrepreneurial spirit has launched her niche-business as she has been showcased on local television for up and coming businesses in St. Louis. She is creating a market demand for freshly made & delivered delicious paleo-inspired meals as nutrition-based companies are seeking her services for their patients, nationwide.

She has found with the support of paleo eating, a lifestyle that scientifically researches and supports how our ancestors ate, her clients have achieved optimal health results.

Not only is this mother-turned-chef an inspiration to others, she has partnered with the St. Patrick Center’s, “Begin New Venture Center” Kitchen in downtown St. Louis. It is her intention to provide opportunities those who are interested in the culinary field the opportunity to learn how to cook healthily. She loves to educate and currently has a waiting list of over 150 to attend current workshops on how easy it is to cook paleo-inspired foods.

Her story begins in 1998. She was sick, diagnosed with cancer, 97 pounds overweight and felt hopeless. She was informed she was going to die if something didn’t change quickly. It seemed easier for her to keep gaining weight and give up than to even try to get well. Hearing that she was going to die caused something to click. She wanted to be there to see her then two-year old daughter grow up. She became passionate about researching food, nutrition, and wellness and with the help of alternative medicine; she changed her diet, lost the weight and started to see positive results. Naturally, everyone wanted to know how she did it. This began her journey as a personal chef preparing meals in client’s homes and has grown over time to where she is today, owner of a company dedicated to helping others lose weight, reduce inflammation and regain their vitality through nutrition.

Feed Your Vitality is her opportunity to give back to the community. She is ready to support people who are facing weight loss or health issues in their journey towards feeling better and help them experience the vitality they are meant to enjoy. She describes it this way, “It’s the opportunity to pay it forward. To support community wellness, help create meaningful work for the families we employ, by rolling up our sleeves and working together to facilitate partnership, by being a good community partner.”

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