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Jen Jester IBCE

Birth Educator and Doula, Owner of Birthwisely, St. Louis, MO.

fun facts!

“I’m a singer!

I studied vocal music at Truman State University, where I met my husband. I currently sing with the choir at St. Margaret of Scotland in downtown St. Louis, and perform at the occasional coffee house event.”

“In my spare time, I write and knit.

For all of my doula clients, I write their birth stories and knit their baby a super-cute hat.”

“I love homeschooling my kids.

I home school my kids not only due to my dissatisfaction with our institutional learning environments, but also because I desire for my kids to have an unwavering sense of self-identity and individualized instruction for success in all subjects. Did you know that home schooled children have higher high school GPA’s on average, higher rate of college graduation, have outscored public schooled kids in communication skills, socialization skills, daily life skills, and maturity levels, and when it comes to test taking, they consistently out perform public school kids’ test scores in all core subjects? ”

Jen is a wife and mother of two exceptional pre-teen children, both born at home. She has a deep-rooted passion for holistic living. Her interests are in healthy paleo eating, hiking, yoga, knitting, and enjoys learning new things. She believes that there is always room for improvement, and seeks for ways to make herself a better person daily.

“I was raised in a home where birth was considered a normal physiologic function, and raised to believe that our bodies are capable of amazing tasks.”

Jen is a DONA trained doula since 2005, and a childbirth educator since 2009. She has previously taught birthing women and couples The Bradley Method ®, Brio Birth® Courses, and is currently an Informed Beginnings Certified Educator (IBCE). Jen believes that a mother and her partner, during the preparation for and process of birth deserve emotional, spiritual, and physical support, choice, advocacy and respect. Jen understands that few experiences can be as empowering and rewarding as realizing your body’s full potential to bring life into the world.

As a doula, she has experience helping laboring women in the hospital and home environment. Jen’s clients receive customized care, are encouraged to make informed decisions based upon their unique labor experience, and she works to maintain comfort, communication, and respect throughout the process of childbirth. As a labor and birth professional, Jen works with the birthing woman and her partner to reach their birth goals from a calm state of mind while presenting options in an unbiased manner.

As a childbirth educator, Jen focuses on the benefits of natural birth, informed choices, healthy lifestyle, active parenting and positive communication with the birth team. She works to provide accurate, current, and evidence based information. Every couple leaves the class with the information to navigate labor using safe and effective comfort techniques, knowledge of a “textbook” labor and birth, basic benefits and risks to common interventions, and an understanding of common complications and variations of labor. Jen also focuses on the postpartum period, educating her students on breastfeeding, newborn procedures, and adjusting to life with an infant. Many of the classes include activities, games, videos and group discussion.


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