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Meet Dr. Emily. Certified Nutritional Consultant, Functional Medicine Specialist, Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician, Founder of Purely Motherhood. St. Louis, MO.

Nutritional Counseling

**Dr. Emily is currently only accepting new patients on a very limited basis as she works full time as a mom

Emily Hecker, DC, CNC

At Purely Paleo Nutrition, we strive to connect your digestive distress to meet your functional needs. Let us help you get organized and develop a plan of attack to get you eating right. Purely Paleo Nutrition specializes in severe cases of food allergy menu planning and walks you through the process of how to shop for groceries, easy snacks and guides you to other local resources that will help in your quest for better health. We base our premise on paleo-ish guidelines and dive deeper into lectin free foods.

Services include:

  • Baseline food journaling & clinical history
  • Journaling review
  • Meal planning
  • Grocery Store Shopping
  • Meal Delivery Service Referral
  • Recipes
  • St. Louis Support
  • Resources

More to come…

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