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Meet Joy. Personal Training for Moms.
Go Fit Mom! St. Louis, MO

Personal Training

“Go Fit Mom!”

Joy Holdmeier, CPT

Go Fit Mom’s mission is to inspire and motivate women and mothers to make their health and wellness a priority. Their motto is, “If you love your children, take care of their MOTHER!”

Go Fit Mom offers personal training, fitness camps, and nutritional support to women and mothers, along with motivation and education. There are so many changes women’s bodies go through as mothers that it is hard to understand. “What to do now that you’re pregnant? How do you keep your mommy muscles? Why can’t you lose the baby fat? And probably most of all…How do you fit in the time for exercise?” We understand your needs, we help you achieve your goals, and we come to you! Go Fit Mom provides in-home or on-location personal training when it’s most convenient for you and your schedule. If one-on-one training isn’t right for you we also offer partner training and small groups. Even if it means bringing the babies along!

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