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Allergen-free, chef prepared & delivered meals, Feed Your Vitality, Ashley Nanney.

Allergen-free, chef prepared & delivered meals

“Feed Your Vitality”

Ashley Nanney

Feed Your Vitality’s mission is to simplify your health journey by providing healthy, delicious, convenient, prepared meals to the location of your choice in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Feed Your Vitality, LLC is committed to serving only vibrant, whole foods, made with the freshest ingredients. It is our promise to provide you with meals that are naturally free of the additives and preservatives found in most commercially prepared foods. All of our meals are meticulously prepared to meet the requirements of most doctor recommended anti-inflammatory diets including paleo and low carb lifestyles. Most of our meals are free of ingredients containing common inflammatory allergens including: gluten, corn, dairy, artificial ingredients and preservatives. Any products we serve containing soy are certified Non-GMO (Braggs liquid aminos for example) If you are looking for a healthy alternative in prepared foods, we would be honored to support you in your journey to vitality!

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