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Meet Jen. Doula Services and Birth Education.
Birth Wisely, St. Louis, MO.

Birth Services


Jen Jester

“She is very supportive of every woman’s right to her personal choices as an expectant mother. I was relieved that classes never felt “preachy,” and steered clear of any personal bias or agenda. Having experienced childbirth now, I realize that there is no “right” or “wrong” way, but there is most certainly and educated and empowered way! Jen gave us the tools we needed to have OUR “perfect” birth story. I’m looking forward to future pregnancies when we can and will take classes with her again. Thank you, Jen!”~ Heather


Birth Wisely works to provide knowledge and support in regard to pregnancy and birth to all of her students and clients. Birth Wisely welcomes all couples and their preferences for birth, yet focuses on the benefits of natural birth, empowered choice, healthy lifestyle, and active parenting. Positive communication with the client’s birth team is paramount for Jen’s success as a support person and positive, fulfilling births for her clients. Jen prefers to customize her doula services for each client to suit their unique and individual needs during pregnancy and birth.

My Doula Support Philosophy:
A mother and her partner, during the preparation for and process of birth deserve emotional, spiritual, and physical support, choice and respect.

Birth Education

Jen believes that all women and their partners are entitled to choice when it comes to labor and birth. Acquiring knowledge and technique regarding pregnancy, labor and birth is your key to unlocking the world of maternal care, and gaining control of your experience. This course is designed to help you understand and embrace the natural bodily function of birth. Few experiences can be as empowering and rewarding as realizing your body’s full potential to bring life into the world. Using empowering and practical information from her educator training and drawing from her doula background, she is prepared to lead you and your partner to the birth you want. Jen’s course will teach you how to understand the process of labor and birth. It gives you and your coach tools to recognize and cope with labor, guidelines for consumerism, and many other topics surrounding labor, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. Birth is a magical, wonderful time of life. All babies and their parents are precious and deserve the best care and attention. Jen’s goal is to help you through this time and focus on the ultimate goal of a healthy, positive birth experience.

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